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Balloon Breakfast



Choice of Tropical Fruits– Passion fruit, Orange, Mango

The breakfast bento

Fruits / Yoghurts / Cereals

Tropical Fruit Plate

Flavored Yoghurts - Strawberry, Mango, Natural, Vanilla

Choice of - Choco flakes, Rice Crispies or Cornflakes, Skim or Full Cream Milk

Breads / Pastries

Pastry basket - Croissant, Danish, Muffins, Donut

Fresh Baker’s Bread - White or Brown Bread with Butter & Jam

Charcuterie / Beans

Chicken Sausages and Bacon

English –style Baked Beans

Eggs to Order

Eggs prepared live of your choice

Kenyan Coffee and Tea/Herbal Teas/Hot Chocolate/Bottled Water